Puerto Princesa is a beautiful city which is not limited to being a gateway to a paradise – like the island of El Nido – it extends beyond your imagination. In fact, trying to decide what to do and where to go when in Puerto Princesa can be challenging with the options it offers. From beach hopping to motorcycle riding to underground cave exploration, this city has many things to offer.

So while you are thinking of your next move in the city, why don’t you chill and check these 5 places out! Whether you are in search of a cheap grub, a nice spot to hang out and drink with friends, or even a relaxing place to treat your family or a special someone, Puerto Princesa has it all for you.

Kinabuchs Grill and Bar

Image: Flickr/55178011@N06

This spot is known to be the pioneer in nightlife partying in Puerto Princesa, which is perfect for visitors traveling solo or in a group. Kinabuch is also a disco bar so expect the place to be loud and bright. Though there are a lot of other similar soaking spots sprawling throughout the city, this bar still tops the list.

Haim Chicken Inato

Image: Flickr/InatoPalawanRestaurant

Something perfect for a traveling family, this restaurant offers a nice ambiance with relaxing music to their patrons. Of course, as the name suggests, their specialty is Chicken Inato, which is a grilled chicken barbecue marinated in sweet tangy sauce, which the city is also best known for when it comes to food.

Badjao Seafront 

Image: Flickr/globetrotteri

Badjao Seafront is an outdoor restaurant over the water and surrounded by mangroves. If you are one of those people who savour their food as much as the ambiance of nature, this is the perfect place to dine in. Their specialties include a big range of fresh seafood.

Gypsy’s Lair Art Café

Images: gastronomybyjoy.com | mylittleglobetrotters.com

This unique spot has an art café wing, which makes it stand out more among the other go-to places.  Aside from having a gallery side, they also have live acoustic music on Tuesdays and Saturdays. And guess what, palm reading on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays! How cool is that? When it comes to food, don’t you worry as you are in for a treat. They are very creative with it and have their own version of everything that is on the menu.

Ugong Rock Grill and Seafood Bar

Image: ironexplores.com

Aside from their cozy location and great food, this place offers crocodile sisig. This is one delicacy you shouldn’t miss when in Puerto Princesa. And you don’t have to be concerned about the fact that they kill the crocodile as they only offer the particular dish when the breeding ground is overly populated.

If you know other places that we should check out, let us know in the comments section below!