Mt. Ulap is the new addition to the immaculate selection of magnificent mountains in Benguet. This hiking sanctuary only started welcoming devoted mountaineers last September of 2015. With its rich unspoiled lands, Mt. Ulap dramatically rose on top sitting next to the more sought-after Mt. Pulag and all for the good reasons.

This mountain may not be as high as its neighboring mountains, but it is indeed as glorious as the others. With its relentless assaults come with a price, to witness a mesmerizing scenery your eyes can feast on in 360° of panoramic view. Passed the sea of pine trees, unending slopes of grasslands and a view of the surrounding mountain ranges, Mt. Ulap will give you numerous reasons why you wouldn’t regret climbing it.

The climb may be quite difficult with the unforgiving sun, but Mt. Ulap will keep you cool for most parts, as you ascend and get closer to the clouds. The stillness and calmness at the summit may be comparable to most mountains in the Cordillers, but as you come closer to cap off the day, Mt. Ulap will entertain you with a sharp 80° cliff descent.

Give her a try, you may have to catch your breath, but this mountain of clouds won’t disappoint.

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