As a traveler, you always need to have a “must-do travel experiences” list, which is quite similar to a bucket list. Going on a vacation or just a road trip, out of town or out of the country, we always want it to be a fun-filled and relaxing experience. Yet there’s always this one thing that gets in the way, limited travel budget. It’s quite difficult to be a happy camper when you’re always computing and worrying about money.

To avoid depriving yourself of great adventures, here are a few must-do travel experiences that are light and easy on the pocket.

Get a map and make use of public transport.

Having an actual map can be very handy; it will show you all the train and bus lines. With this, you get to explore the city and the nearby provinces cheaply. If you can’t get a hold of the map, the Internet is there to save you. Make use of public transport, may it be a boat, a jeep, or a tricycle, it‘s the best way to travel!

Get to know some locals and know their culture.

Don’t ever get shy, speak to locals and get information on the best places to visit in the area. Doing so will allow you to explore untapped spots that are only known to locals – places that may still be unknown to the Internet. Also, you will avoid expensive tours as you can ask the best way to get to the touristy areas (if you must) or other places without having to spend so much. Remember, always be kind to the people you speak with.

Eat and drink at local shops.

It’s not much of a vacation if you can’t even splurge on food and treats. Make sure you eat at local eateries (side street vendors or restaurants), and visit local pubs. You will get a taste of culture and know more about the life in the place you’re visiting. Through this, you get to meet people and gain real friends too! Be a wise traveler and opt to dine and drink cheaply rather than spending so much on food that won’t even fill your belly and on drinks that won’t even get you drunk. 😀

Take plenty of photos!

Traveling is about immersing one’s self in different cultures and collecting memories. Do not ever deny yourself the opportunity to take pictures whenever you want. Don’t be shy, get your photo taken, or when you see something interesting, take a snap! So when you get home and look back, you can say that you had a grand time!


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Volunteering might not be on everyone’s “must-do travel experiences” list, but have a think. It won’t only save you money, you get to do all sorts of different things that may be far from the usual. But isn’t that great? If you apply to volunteer before your trip, you can save lots of dough as your lodging and food can be paid for in exchange of your service. And on top of that, you get to spend time with different kinds of people, be in a very beautiful location, learn, gain friends, and help a community.

That’s our must-do travel experiences for those who are on a tight budget. How would you spend your vacation? Let us know!