Siquijor has a reputation of being a place of witchcraft and supernatural. A lot of people still believe that this small island is mystical because of old ceremonies and rituals still being performed in the deep parts of Siquijor. They believe that these rituals involve black magic.

Legends on the existence of witches, shamans, their practices, and other supernatural endlessly lurk not only in the island but also in the whole country. The mystery that lies on the island may be true to some extent, but instead of scaring people away, more and more people are getting attracted to the beauty the island has to offer.


With its white sandy beaches, rich marine life, beautiful caves, friendly people, and other natural beauty, this island is definitely worth visiting.

So, what are the must-check-out places while in Siquijor? There are many, but here are our top 3 favorites!

Salagdoong Beach


It is safe to say that this beach is one of the best beaches in the country. Located in the Eastern part of the island is a pleasant refuge at the heart of a cove that’s now one of the remarkable fascinations in the island. Its crystal clear waters and white fine beach makes it a must-check-out spot in Siquijor. The breathtaking Molave trees and limestone formations that surround the area are also a good bonus. It’s famous for its 20 feet and 30 feet cliff diving ledges attracting braveheart adventurers. It’s also a good spot for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Cambughay Falls


Another fascinating attraction in this mystical island is the Cambughay Falls. It is not the only waterfalls in the island but it is the most famous due to its unique characteristic. This waterfall has multiple layers of waterfalls with different rock bottom depth. Walking down to a secluded forest is necessary but the cool water with refresh your limbs to give you more motivation to explore the area.

Enchanted Balete Tree


Not very far from Cambughay Falls is the famous Balete tree. This century old tree will give you chills for its creepy but majestic appearance. What makes this humungous tree unique is the spring that comes from its roots that go straight to the man-made pool under it. It’s very mystifying that even the locals have no idea where the water comes from.

Amazingly, the water is clear with many fish swimming in it. You can dip your feet and let the fish exfoliate them. Relaxing on this instant fish spa is free but you’re more than welcome to give small donations for its maintenance.

These are only three of the reasons why Siqujior has sealed its mark of being a must-visit place when you find yourself wandering in the Philippines. This mysterious island offers a great level of biodiversity, so when here, don’t only anticipate to meet shamans, witches, and other supernatural beings, but as well as its natural beauty.