Down in the coconut-filled island of Siargao in Mindanao lies a paradise, a teardrop slice of heaven to be exact, for travelers who are in an endless pursuit of water adventures. World-renowned for its famous waves and surf breaks, especially Cloud 9, Siargao has a lot to offer than meets the eyes.

For most people, local and foreign, they flock to this island to commune with nature and playfully frolic in its inviting waters. Siargao is definitely a wonder of many, intriguing and riveting in many aspects, you just have to look deeper and appreciate its rawness for you to really appreciate the beauty bestowed.

Aside from surfing, Siargao Island is also well-known for other exciting activities such as island hopping and cave exploring, and is also very much revered for its natural rock pools.

The Famous Cloud 9

Although Siargao is well-dotted with several surf spots, it cannot be denied that the most popular of them all is the famous Cloud 9. It is that one particular surf spot which is reputably known for its thick hollow barrels. A perfect playground for professional surfers.

Siargao is famous not only for its claim-to-fame Cloud 9 as there are a number of surfing spots scattered all over the island, while some are a short boat ride away. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or a pro, worry not for there’s always a wave for you to catch in this surfing haven.

Other Siargao Surfing Spots:


  • Cemetery
  • Guyam Island
  • Dako Island
  • Tuason’s Point
  • Jacking Horse
  • Stimpy’s
  • and many more.

Our Playground

Image: Flickr/Trevor Claringbold

Siargao is an island of many wonders given to us by Mother Nature herself. It caters to all types of tourists -whether you’re a surfer, or just a traveller itching with wanderlust – you will enjoy it as much!

Moreover, you can also do yoga classes in the mornings and afternoons, attend to dusk ’til dawn kind of parties, and a enjoy different kinds of cuisines to fill your tummy after a long day basking under the sun! The locals are very accommodating too that you can just hang with them all day long as you soak up your much needed Vitamin D, stories, and of course, the local beer.

Siargao is all about being one one with nature, as well as the fun-filled activities you will do with people you will meet along the way.

Be careful, Siargao has an unusual pull that a lot of those who travel there end up staying. It’s one of the most enchanting places in the Philippines that you wont ever want to leave.

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