While beaches and mountains may be a lot less accessible during the rainy season, it is no reason to stay at home and sulk about it. Let’s explore somewhere that’s good for the rainy season! Tibiao being Panay Island’s eco-adventure capital was one of the reasons for the pick. This, however, will not take away from the reason you are here for the rainy season – Kawa Hot Baths.

While everybody is stuck at home, you are sitting outside in a hot tub, enjoying the cool breeze that the rainy season brings. This season also brings an influx of cool air, allowing for the fan-only rooms to be much, much more enjoyable.

Really, you get to wake up to the river babbling down stream, alleviate your stress, and have a relaxing time away from your daily life. After six or so months of slow roasting in the sun and trekking all over, you may be after some time off to relax. Here is your chance to take your well-deserved steaming hot bath… while on an adventure!

The kawa hot baths are an amazing way to let off steam and stay bubbly throughout the rainy season. What are you waiting for?

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