Tucked in the eastern side of the Philippines’ Sunrise Capital sits (or should we say sleeps), this fabled Sleeping Dinosaur Island in Mati, Davao Oriental. Myth goes that a man from far far away dreamed that one day he will go to a place where he would witness a piece land abruptly erupt from the sea and it will be shaped like a dinosaur sleeping on its belly. Through time, the dinosaur has been covered in soil and vegetation has grown from it.

Image: outoftownblog.com

The submerged sleeping dinosaur is a small coastal village offering unique trails with breathtaking scenery. It is still quite an unknown hiking destination to most, let alone the island itself, but if you ask about it, the locals will be happy to tell you how to get there.

Visit the sleeping dinosaur when you are around Davao and if you are inclined to spend time on the island, hike through the forests and reach the summit; hire a motorboat to circle the whole of it; or just swim in its cool waters and camp on the beach.

Featured Image: trover.com