While there are many other waterfalls in the Philippines that are equally beautiful, we have narrowed it down by discussing only the tallest waterfalls.

Aliwagwag Falls, Davao Oriental

Image: thelostkids.ph

Standing at an impressive 1100ft (300+m), this collection of falls and rapids is made up of over 80 individual waterfalls of differing heights. The pride of the Davao Oriental region, and possibly the most beautiful waterfall in the Philippines, this rushing, always moving monster was devastated by Typhoon Bopha (Pablo) at the end of 2012. However, as the land seems to mirror the people, the people rebuilt, and the waterfall continues to stand tall and proud, making it a must-visit for anybody to Mindanao.

Busay Falls, Bohol

Image: justgola.com

Bohol is a very popular tourist destination, and Busay Falls, located on the Luboc River in Bohol, is a very popular day-trip location in Bohol, so do expect many locals and tourists alike in the hot summer months at the first half of the year. It has precisely 7 small pools, at varying heights, that the waters collect in before cascading below, making it very easy to play in and enjoy. Obviously, the higher up you go, the fewer people there are at the pools, the lowest being the most popular, so if you do make it up the steep climb, 250m from the bottom pool, your respite will be met with almost complete silence as barely anybody makes the trip up to the very first, and highest, pool.

Tudaya Falls, Davao del Sur

Image: waterfallsph.blogspot.com

This fall is different from the previous two as it is just one big waterfall, located on Mount Apo in Davao del Sur. It stands at an impressive 150m and falls straight into the water basin below. While, yes, Mount Apo is a special monument on its own, with it being protected as a National Park in 1936 and the highest mountain in the Philippine archipelago, Tudaya Falls is easily worth the extra work to get to when scaling the mountain, as there are not many uninterrupted falls like it elsewhere.


Tinuy-An Falls, Surigao del Sur

Images: thelostkids.ph

Aptly nicknamed the Niagara Falls of the Philippines, the astonishingly wide Tinuy-An Falls do not disappoint in the slightest. The route getting there is long and arduous, but those who have made the trip swear by its astounding beauty. Arrive any time before 9AM to try and catch the rainbow in the falls that the locals swear appear between 9AM-11AM. Bamboo rafts are available for the daredevils amongst us who want to explore under the falls. Hint: Make your way above the main falls, where a smaller cascade meets a calmer, quieter pool.

Waterfalls are great for a multitude of reasons, including but not exclusive to hosting a wide range of flora and fauna, and silt levels and water flow being a great measure of the health of the ecosystem. Because of all this, when visiting the waterfalls, do not forget to pick up after yourselves, leave nothing behind, and take nothing but photos and memories!