Everybody has the thing they like to do most; many enjoy café hopping with a few books in tow, while others love the thrill of being high up above the clouds, looking down upon their next adventure getaway. However, there are also a whole bunch amongst the masses who seek one thing and one thing alone – adrenaline. These adrenaline junkies will look to anything to get that familiar rush, the one that gets your heart pounding, your mind racing, and your instincts to kick in.

Bukidnon is the destination that will be looked into today, with this piece being dedicated to the lovers of all things adventure and excitement. Time to dive right in!

Fly across the forest

Address: Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Valencia City, 8703 Bukidnon, Mindanao

Image: Flickr/Raleene

Dahilayan Adventure Park tops this list for many reasons other than having the word ‘adventure’ in its name. Since it officially opened in 2009, it has been a staple for many Filipinos and international travelers alike looking for a quick adrenaline fix. This is the home to the longest dual zipline in all of Asia (840m), and hosting two shorter ziplines (320m and 150m) for the faint(er) at heart. Entrance to the park is free, with only the amenities and rides needing payment. How cool!

What is so genuinely awesome about this place is that it is not a one-trick pony, like any other ziplines are. The wave of ‘Filipinnovation’ is unstoppable and instead of mowing down trees and paving the land to make way for these landmarks, they are built around it, using the terrain and flora to their advantage. Imagine yourself freefalling 120ft into a manmade lake, or conquering a rope and wire obstacle course with the mountain ranges and forests as your backdrop! That, combined with its altitude (4,700ft above sea level), allow temperatures to drop and make it much more enjoyable. Truly, Dahilayan is the perfect place for a full day of adventure.

However, if you don’t feel like your day was complete and you want to be here longer, there are also accommodations available to suit any group size! Bring the whole family and your entire group of friends to experience excitement like you’ve never experienced before!

Cycle across the canopy

Address: Diclum, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, Mindanao

Image: plantationsustainableliving.wordpress.com

Sounds a little dubious, does it not? Well, nearby the Dahilayan Adventure Park is Kampo Juan, one of the Philippines’ newest eco-adventure destinations where this is possible! Most people come here for Asia’s first Anicycle (trust the Philippines to think of something like this before everyone else), and boy, does it not disappoint.

The distance is nothing to laugh at, at 600ft, but the view from above is something else. Halfway through you will find yourself pedaling above a 200ft drop ravine which can be a little terrifying especially if you’re afraid of heights. To this date, however, not a single person has been even slightly injured cycling this high above the canopy, so it really is time to conquer your fears! Unlike the ziplines, you do get control on how fast you go, which is both easy on the mind and terrifying at the same time.

If that is not enough excitement for you, feel free to take part in the eco-park’s other adventures, whether it be walking across a 360ft free-hanging bridge over a river, flying down any one of the park’s two ziplines, or parachuting down into the wilderness below. Eco-tourism has never seen anything this packed full of adventure and fun!

Conquer some peaks

Address: Libona, Bukidnon, Mindanao

Image: Facebook/MtKitangladRangeNaturalPark

If rides and falling do not sit too well with you, find your own personal adventure in the region that is home to four of the ten highest peaks in the country! Mt. Dulang-Dulang (2nd, 2,938m), Mt. Kitanglad (4th, 2,899m), Mt. Kalatungan (5th, 2,824m), and Mt. Maagnaw (8th, 2,742m) form the Kitanglad Mountain Range.

The range was named “kitanglad” from the legend that when the ‘Great Flood’ hit the region, the only thing visible, “kita” in Cebuano, was the tip of a mountain the size of a stalk of lemongrass, “tanglad”. It has been protected since the 1990s, and it is said that some mountain-folk still live on these slopes.

Adventure does not necessarily only mean adrenaline and trekking these mountains prove it. There is no doubt that you will be able to find your satisfaction in scaling any one of these beasts, no matter how tired you will be once you reach the peaks.

Drift downstream… quickly

Image: awanderfulsole.com

White water rafting is definitely one of the most extreme watersports to this day, so no adventure getaway will be complete without it. Granted, the route does not begin in Bukidnon, but it is really close, in the neighbouring city of Cagayan De Oro. Plus, it does include the river that divides CDO and Bukidnon, so many do claim it to be a part of Bukidnon’s adventurous charm.

Landlocked Bukidnon is obviously not known for white sand beaches, but it does not mean it should not be known for this extreme watersport! Combining the best of both worlds (using manmade equipment to traverse the natural rapids), white water rafting is 100% for you if adventure and excitement are what you’re looking to inject into your holiday!

Plus, what better way to expand your adventures by venturing into a different, nearby city, right?

Planning a getaway can be tough, especially as most do not have a lot of time to do everything. Choosing between a shopping spree, a camping trip, and a relaxing spa-and-resort session is definitely tough, as they all have their perks. Most spend too much time sitting at a desk, looking at a computer screen and don’t spend enough time outside.

It is about time to look to something that deviates a little from the norm, so head on over to Bukidnon for an eye-opening experience. Grant yourself a bird’s eye view as you fly above the treetops and before you freefall into a lake with this ultimate adventure getaway!