People travel for different kinds of reasons – whether it be food, relaxation, shopping, or simple sight-seeing. But for girls, it’s most probably all of the above; and why not? After all, every girl deserves a little break from running the world (straight from the Queen B herself).

If you’re looking for the ultimate girlfriend getaway for you and your girlfriends, look no further than Baguio City, as it has everything in store for you.

The Perfect Staycation

Whether you’re looking to escape the summer heat or just want a taste of the western chilly weather, the City of Pines is one of the most popular places for that quick getaway. Just a 4-hour drive or 7-hour bus ride from Manila, or one of numerous direct and connecting flights from other major cities around the country, traveling to Baguio is now easy and convenient for your girl squad.

Images: Facebook/ShabbyChicBaguio

Jumpstart your staycation by finding the perfect place to relax and spend time with your girlfriends! If your girl squad is into quaint and quirky, yet warm and homey decor, Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast is the place to be. From its calming color scheme, down to the distressed window frames hanging on their room walls, the whole B&B is just begging to be Instagram-ed! So, whether you want to stay in bed all day, or have a gorgeous setting to come back to after a tiring day of shopping, this is THE place to be.

Images: Facebook/CampJohnHay

However, if luxury is the name of your game, then The Manor, at Camp John Hay, will suit your style. Their elegant suites are carefully decorated to provide the luxurious warmth and comfort you deserve. Along the 246-hectare Camp John Hay complex, you can enjoy a wide array of outdoor activities like horseback riding, tree-top adventures, and a 2-kilometer eco-trail to satisfy the adventurer in you. You can also arrange for a picnic with your girlfriends and indulge in some wine and laughs. Be it indoors or outdoors, The Manor has everything you need for the perfect staycation.

Baguio “Wagwagan” and Shopping Galore


It won’t be an ultimate girlfriend getaway without every girl’s favorite cardio—shopping! Baguio City is, simply put, the Bargain Hunter’s Paradise. Unlike Hong Kong’s Temple Street or Thailand’s Siam Paradise Night Bazaar, Baguio is known for its “Wagwagan”, which means “to shake”, because you literally have to shake the dust off used goods, or “Ukay-ukay” (which means “to dig”), as you need to dig through a giant pile of second-hand clothes to find that lovely top. Here are some of the most famous ukay-ukay destinations in Baguio:

  • Topping the list is Hilltop (yes, pun intended) just behind the Baguio City Market. Here, you can buy clothes for as low as 10.00 Php! Not just clothes, too; there are bed sheets, pillow cases, children’s toys, shoes, and bags. If you’re super lucky, you might find an authentic Coach bag for a really cheap price!
  • Harrison Road turns into the ukay-ukay haven that is Baguio Night Market when the clock strikes 9pm. Like in Hilltop, you can find all sort of goods here for a very cheap price.
  • Bayanihan is an old hotel building-turned-into-ukay-ukay spot, where you can find a wide array of stalls that are open all day and close at around 6:00 or 7:00 in the evening, much earlier than many others.

More than just Strawberries


Although being nearby the Strawberry Capital of the Philippines (La Trinidad in Benguet), Baguio has much more in the way of gastronomic offerings.

One would be a steaming bowl of Balbacua at Balbacua Urban Kamote along Assumption Road, because what is more perfect in a cool climate than a hot meal shared with your best friends in the world?

Or, if you’re a true blue, hardcore foodie, head over to Session Road for whole new level of Baguio food-trip. Whether you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth or wash away last night’s hangover, Session Road caters to all tastes and flavors.

Lastly, jumping on the Strawberry bandwagon wouldn’t hurt, especially by give it a twist, and trying the famous Strawberry Taho, a classic Filipino snack made from soybean curds, widely available in the city parks.

Yes, Baguio City offers cozy staycation spots, insanely cheap shopping destinations, and even a one-of-a-kind food adventure, but to truly experience the City of Pines, do it with your BFF’s/girl squad/clique/best friends, and make it the ultimate girl’s getaway.