Everybody needs to get away sometimes, whether it be from friends, family, work, or just repetition. Weekend getaways are perfect for this, and can be modified to suit everybody’s budget, whether you are able to afford last minute prices on flights and accommodation, or you need to book a little in advance for the bus ride and the hostel. Little trips like these need to be as stress-free as possible, as there is not a lot of time to unwind before it ends, and packing efficiently is paramount to your lack of stress.

Here’s a list of things you must not forget while packing light for your mini getaways!


Whether you’re sitting on the bus waiting to get to your destination, or you’re already lazing around on the beach, a book is the absolute best at helping you both past time, and not allow time to get too far from you. Delve into words that you’re not legally bound to read, and transport yourself to another world while you take a break from your own.


The sunsets are always a little more spectacular, and the flora a little greener when you’re on holiday, and that is why you must not forget your camera. Capture your personal bliss and let the photographs forever remind you that while work is important, so are breaks in between.

Remember rechargeable batteries/charger for your camera, and while we’re on the topic, remember the chargers for any mobile devices you may choose to bring.


Sun hats for the summer days, beanies for the winter nights; there is a hat for almost every occasion. Whether you want to shield your eyes from the sun or keep your head warm as you fly down the ski slopes, take a hat with you on your vacation!


Music can help turn a day around, and should be taken as your companion on your little trip! Whatever device you keep your music in, make sure it’s fully charged before you get in the car/bus/plane, and bring your charger with you!


Image: Out of Town Blog

Unless you’re taking a road trip, you should never forget your passport and/or tickets for travel! This may be obvious, but when packing gets frantic, it is the obvious that gets forgotten, more often than not.

If you are taking a road trip, however, remember to fill the tank up before you really get going!

Slippers/Flip Flops

Yes, wear a decent pair of walking shoes when beginning your trip, as there may be some walking to do that you need to be comfortable for. However, remember to bring comfortable footwear for when you do get to where you’re going, as it is the simple comforts that do make or break a holiday. On the flipside, if you begin your trip in slippers/sandals, remember to bring the appropriate shoes, especially for those looking to hike or walk long distances. 


While sunscreen is situational, it is one you must not forget if your plan is to be exposed to the sun a lot. The break would be a shame if you had to return to work sunburnt, not only to be made fun of by your colleagues but also for it to hurt/itch while you sit at your desk all day. Choose a sunscreen that is not only moisturizing, suitable for the climate you will be in but also non-toxic and safe for marine life.

Short getaways are a perfect way to unwind and reset, and the perfect excuse to get away from the daily struggle. Next time you do feel overworked, please remember that you are allowed to treat yourself well! Schedule yourself a mini holiday soon, and remember to bring everything you need to maximize whatever little time you have to get away!