The sprawling magnificence of the white sandy shores of Boracay, the endless chocolate hills of Bohol, and the immaculate lagoons of EL Nido; these were once the unspoken wonders. Today, these Philippine destinations are topping the charts.

Having well over 7000 islands, this tropical country has so much to offer – raw and untouched beauty. Although we still recommend these popular destinations mentioned, some of you might want to go off the beaten track, here are some of the secluded Philippine destinations that you may want to visit on your next trip:

Sambawan, Leyte


This is fast becoming the most visited amongst tourists who have the urge to explore the country’s hidden gems. A marine sanctuary and a popular dive site, lined with white sands, blue waters and an abundance of trees, it sure makes a great escape from reality. There’s also a watchtower at the highest point so everyone can have a panoramic view of the entire island, and be able to witness a spectacular sunrise and a glorious sunset.

Cuyo, Palawan

Image: Facebook/CuyoPalawanTourism

A place so fortunate with rich culture and history, untouched islands and islets adorned with glorious white beaches, and built by nature, is Cuyo. It may be the oldest town in Palawan, but it kept its distinct and appealing charms. Its remoteness makes the island less appealing to tourists, which is actually great as the island has maintained and preserved its natural beauty.

Buluan, Zamboanga

Image: Mark Vincent Aposaga

Zamboanga may not be a common Philippine destination for many since it’s away from commercialization; Buluan Island offers a place of tranquility and seclusion. The island is privately owned but no entrance fee is collected from visitors, and neither resorts nor restaurants are found here. At present, visits to the island must be coordinated wit the local provincial tourism office.

Palaui, Cagayan


Palaui Island is one overlooked paradise situated off the northeastern tip of Luzon. In 1994, it was declared a National Marine Reserve, making it a home to different species of plants and birds. It offers scenic views of tides coming in from the pacific, rolling hills and undisturbed flora and fauna. There are no resorts on the islands and camping or home stay are the only options.

Calaguas, Camarines Norte


A group of islands that were once a hidden paradise known only to a few and the bravest of travelers, but has kept its raw natural beauty up to this day. Many have compared it to Boracay, some even saying it’s more beautiful than Boracay. And that reason should be enough for you to take the leap and witness it yourself.


Britania Islands, Surigao del Sur


The best-kept secret of Surigao is this collection of islands called the Britainia Islands. Most of these 24 islands are uninhabited with minimal or no vegetation. But all are similar in one thing; they are surrounded with crystal clear water.

 Tip:  Make sure you have plenty of time when you visit so you can enjoy all that it has to offer.

Have you been to any of these unspoilt Philippine destinations? We’d like to hear your story!